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GRIFFIN s.n.c. , with its flexible production line, can solve problems and provide special solutions for decorating interiors to satisfy custumer needs and specifications.

Our line includes : SOFAS, ARMCHAIRS, BEDS, BEDSPREADS, CURTAINS for interior and exteriors,plus CHAIRS and DECORATIVE ACCESORIES .

All our materials are top quality and conform strictly  with current regulations in the European market.

GRIFFIN s.n.c. has sophisticated high-tech machinery aimed at its particoular sector, the CONTRACT, one of our strenght's point is that we are able to make small and big fornishing both to private customer and to big firms working in the contract's sector.

For our line of sofas, armchairs, beds and chairs we use the best quality woods and install, exclusively, certified class-1 antifire polyurethane.

The fabric we use for curtains and uphulstery are class-1 antifire and come from the most up to date houses such as PU.GI, RUBELLI, MARCATO, MISSONI, SIRTORI, SILENT  GLISS
and others.

On request we can supply certifications of our antifire product valid for the importing country.

Also on request our company assembles and installs products  directly on the site further guaranteeing the succes of the supply.


Griffin s.n.c.
Arredamenti Tessili Alberghieri
Via C Dolce, 11
Vecchiazzano - Forl
Tel. +39 +543 85100 - Fax +39 +543 85253